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T Shirt Dresses

T Shirt dresses are definitely in right now. They are the perfect blend of cute and comfy! There are so many different ways you can style a t shirt dress.

                                                                                                                                                                              Here are a few.

original 2 682x1024 T Shirt Dresses
original 3 682x1024 T Shirt Dresses

tshirt T Shirt Dresses

original 1 682x1024 T Shirt Dresses original 4 T Shirt Dresses

original T Shirt Dresses


                      Like I said, there are so many ways to style a basic t shirt dress. You can pair them with sneakers, combat boots, sandals, and heels!adidas T Shirt Dresses

original 6 T Shirt Dresses 032713 glad T Shirt Dresses  original 5 T Shirt Dresses

 Wether you want to dress it up or down it is up to you. Check out our store for our t shirt maxi’s and cute stylish dresses for this fall!

Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

Fashion Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

15074695299 4f68e9a882 o 2 1024x729 Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

After growing up in Stockholm, Carin took a huge leap of faith, and moved to Paris. Now a writer and amazing photographer, her blog Paris in Four Months, has taken off and become one of the best blogs about fashion, beauty, life, and all things Paris! She has such a great take on life, finding joy in the simplest things, and living out her dreams, which is incredibly inspiring!

15287178292 ed4ec9eaea o 2 1024x768 Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

You can catch her in front of the camera now and then, but mostly, Carin loves to photograph everything! From fashion shows (yes, you should read her posts on PFW) to working with models to brands like Dior and Luis Vuitton, you will experience Paris’ fashion world like never before (and see parts of Paris you may never have seen before).

15388097896 f290c2897c o 1024x729 Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

Some of my favorite posts includes Carin’s “Today’s Details,” a segment focusing on one part of her outfit – shoes, a purse, pajamas, ect. Other topics I love are her “Weekend Readings” about articles, books, and videos she is reading, watching or has written. You will find amazing finds here! All about fashion posts I love includes Paris Fashion Week, Dior World, Unpacking, Oh, Dior!, Sunday Mornings, and Blush Chiffon.

work 1 2 Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

Paris in Four Months is a must read blog, and one of my new favorites! Whether you love fashion, food, travel, sweets, or all things Paris, you will find amazing posts every time! Pull up a cup of coffee and a blanket because you are about to dive into an amazing read! Be sure to watch the videos Carin posts about Paris and check her out on Instagram! Her pictures are amazing!

14599273605 0a67567d8c o 1024x682 Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

What are your favorite posts from Paris in Four Months? Would you ever leave your life behind to start new?

xoxoxo, Kelli, Bodeoo

Ulta’s Beauty Consultations and Salon

Ulta’s Beauty Consultations and Salon

Ulta, one of my favorite makeup stores, offers more than a fabulous selection of beauty products! If also offers beauty consultations and a full service salon. 

23skin 600 Ultas Beauty Consultations and Salon

Online Beauty Consultations Services Offered

*Every month, Ulta provides information on all of their foundations, blushes, brushes, or other beauty products to help you find the correct shade, color, and brand. 
*Videos with tips about each product and how to use/wear it.
*Hair Care/Salon/Nail Salon information is available online with tips like how to get frizz free hair, voluminous locks, revitalizing your hair, embracing your curls, and the products you should use.
*Get the Know – How are tips and tutorials like 10 minute makeup routines, nail art, and daily conturing and highlighting.
*Live Chats with leading ladies in beauty, fashion, and cosmology. If you missed the chats, you can read the interviews online.

benifit on1 Ultas Beauty Consultations and Salon

The Salon Services Offered

Hair – cut, color, blowout, treatments, extensions, highlights, texture, style

Nails – gel and French Manicure

Skin – facials, microdermabrasion

Face – makeup application, eye lash extensions

Waxing – brow, lip, chin, and eye brow tweezing

For the full menu of services offered at Ulta, click here. 

ulta beauty at carlos miele spring 2013 collection Ultas Beauty Consultations and Salon

If you order online, you will receive FREE samples with every order. 

Would you use Ulta’s Beauty Services? Or have you already?

xoxoxo, Kelli, Bodeoo.com

Nordstrom’s Beauty Spot

Nordstrom’s Beauty Spot

13 nordstrom1 Nordstroms Beauty Spot

Nordstrom doesn’t have an ordinary beauty department! It is purely focused on the customer with a strong desire to teach women (and men) about skin care, makeup, and how to customize your look. Yes they sell top of the line products but it is so much more! 

benifit on1 Nordstroms Beauty Spot

In person, you can receive a full makeover for FREE. This includes cleansing your face, moisturizers, toners, plus full makeup. You can choose from a range of FREE options which includes:

*Fast Track, a 30 minute session, great for adding new products to your skin care or makeup routine or learning new tips.
*Love the Skin You’re In, a 30 minute session, to learn about your skin and how best to take care of it.
*Make an Entrance, a 60 minute session, perfect for big important events in your life.
*Beauty 101, a 60 minute session, to learn about makeup trends and update your every day look.
*Online Consultation, if you can’t come in person, you can chat with a beauty stylist online any time.
*Custom Appointment, if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can book an appointment with a stylist and they will help you find the look you are looking for.


erica domesek ps i made this nordstrom beauty 1 Nordstroms Beauty Spot

Online, you can also find a variety of resources as well:

*Nordstrom’s Beauty Spot Blog, where they post, keeping you up to date on make up trends, new products, interviews, beauty, hair, nails, skin care, videos, and so much more, written by leading ladies in the beauty world.
*Shop the Beauty Stylists Picks
*Foundation and Skincare Guides, full of information on every type of product, which product would work best for you, and then, of course, you can purchase anything.

blog Nordstroms Beauty Spot

A wonderful tip for anyone who is buying (or wanting to buy) makeup online at Nordstrom, you will receive 3 FREE samples with every purchase. 

9612866852 fc8776926d z Nordstroms Beauty Spot

Would you book an appointment with the Beauty Stylists at Nordstrom?

Find out how our blogger Stephanie’s experience at Nordstrom and Sephora went. And stay tuned to see what I learned as well. 

xoxo, Kelli, Bodeoo.com

Fall for Boots, Part 2

Fall for Boots, Part 2

Boots are amazing! You can wear them with anything – dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts. Everything! And so when the temperature started to drop I couldn’t help but pull out my boots and get to thinking about boots I want to add to my closet. There were just too many boots to fit into one post, so here is part 2 out our fall boot series.  

Riding Boots

d7d422441a8f33fe60040ee66cc324d5 212x300 Fall for Boots, Part 2 15427400 Fall for Boots, Part 213937250 Fall for Boots, Part 27bc3c51d09329be6576c5cd5348af9f1 204x300 Fall for Boots, Part 21f93255833afd0f277bcb8e98933304b 212x300 Fall for Boots, Part 21df025301a71f901cd692724babde9de 212x300 Fall for Boots, Part 2

Boots with Fringe

15427564 Fall for Boots, Part 2f0d634451744e783f070be7ed3995011 212x300 Fall for Boots, Part 2

Over the Knee Boots

15694367 Fall for Boots, Part 215603655 Fall for Boots, Part 2 15631581 Fall for Boots, Part 215444191 Fall for Boots, Part 2

What is your favorite outfit(s) to wear with boots?

xoxox, Bodeoo

Photo Credits: Target, Forever 21, Delia’s