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The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate comes from the cocoa plant. Rich in nutrients and vitamins, dark chocolate tastes amazing and is super healthy for you. Eating a few pieces of dark chocolate daily can improve your heart health, skin, brain power, and so much more.

darkchocolate 300x199 The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Benefits of dark chocolate:

*Heart Health:

-helps prevents stroke (before and after you have had a stroke)
-lowers blood pressure
-has flavonoids that helps protect your blood vessels from damage that could cause heart disease


-improves complexion
-increase blood flow to skin
– improves skin hydration
-protects skin against sun damage

*Other health benefits:

-reduces risk of diabetes
-high in antioxidants
-good source of protein
-improves brain function

dark chocolate extr 797074f The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Because of the portends and anti oxidants in dark chocolate, it is good to eat before and after workouts, dancing, running, or any high performance activity.  To help prevents sunburns, eat it a few days to weeks before you plan on sending hours out in the sun. Eat dark chocolate straight or  you can melt it and put it on strawberries or any other fruit, popcorn, nuts, or granola. If you love chocolate with milk like me, hold off on the milk because it will soak up and get rid of the nutrients of the dark chocolate.

Eat organic 70% dark chocolate cocoa a few times a week or daily. Watch for high sugar dark chocolate bars like Hershey’s (as good as it is) unless you don’t mid the extra calories and sugar. You don’t need to eat a whole chocolate bar every day, you only need a square or two or the size of a Hershey’s kiss. Wahoo! Now you have a great excuse to eat dark chocolate every day!

dark chocolate 300x206 The Benefits of Dark Chocolate

What do you like to eat dark chocolate with?




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