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Benefits of Coconut Water

Benefits of Coconut Water

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If you read my previous post about coconut oil, you can understand exactly how obsessed I am about the coconut. With further research, I’m realizing it’s my new best friend. So while we covered coconut oil, now I want to express my love for the benefits of coconut water. The great thing about coconut water vs. regular water is it can be used externally to reap benefits, a well as internally. The article that really sparked me to start drinking coconut water you can read here.

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My favorite benefits of coconut water:

1. Hydrating Properties (hydration = beautiful skin)

2. Anti-Aging Properties

3. Cardiovascular Health

4. Increases the Metabolism

5. Helps get rid of Kidney Stones

6. Boosts Energy

7. Aids against Dehydration

8. Helps with Muscle Cramps

9. Builds Stronger Bones

11. Manages Stress, Depression, & Anxiety

12. Aids in Weight Loss

13. Lots of Antioxidants

14. Helps with Acne & Blemishes

15. Controls Shine with Oily Skin

16. Fights Hair Loss

17. Helps Hair Growth

18. Gives Hair Shine

All of these benefits are things I’m constantly trying to combat! What could have been if I’d been drinking coconut water all these years! The possible only down fall of coconut water is it packs more calories than regular water. Still much better than soda pop or a sports drink, but if you want to keep those calories down for special treats, this may be something to consider. I found a great recipe from stuffparentsneed.com, she makes mint & coconut water ice cubes to put in her water! This cuts the calories down, but you get a small dose of the good stuff. I will try anything with coconut water &/or mint, so I’m excited to give this a go. Now this is definitely no substitution to regular water, but something good to incorporate in your diet! Do you have a good recipe with coconut water? What benefits of coconut water have you noticed, and how long has it been a staple in your diet?

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