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Book Club: Q & A Information

Book Club: Q & A Information

Book Club: Q & A Information

23212956 Book Club: Q & A Information

We are reading A Christmas to Remember by Jenny Hale for our December book club. We were supposed to have our Q & A today, but my book is still in the mail finding it’s way to my house. So if you don’t mind, we will wait a few days for our Q & A for the first half of the book until this Thursday, December 11th. If you are already to the middle of the book, that’s ok, please feel free to keep reading while I catch up to you.

If you are new to our book club and wondering what a Q & A is, it is a book chat on the first half of the book. You will, come to our blog post on Thursday, and there will be questions about the first half. I will post not only the questions, but my answers to the questions. And you can leave your answers in the comment sections below.

I can’t wait to see what you think of the book so far. Are you loving it? 

xoxo, Kelli, Bodeoo

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