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Breakout: The Revival of Bodeoo.com

Breakout: The Revival of Bodeoo.com

Breakout: The Revival of Bodeoo.com

untitled1 Breakout: The Revival of Bodeoo.com
Just a little behind-the-scene picture of the shooting for The Breakout. Toot-toot, Bodeoo’s back! (Photo credit: Bodeoo)


With their motto as “saving one closet at a time,” online shopping website Bodeoo.com made a comeback video called The Breakout. The video features the ladies at Bodeoo dancing and having fun at their own little paint party right in the office. Welcome back, Bodeoo!

Check out the funky video below:

When asked what inspired them to make this video, the girls said: “We’re here to inspire you to break-out and wake-up! Don’t let anyone hold you back. Be yourself even if it’s weird or crazy or just too cool for the crowd.”

untitled3 Breakout: The Revival of Bodeoo.com
Get crazy, get loud, and break-out with Bodeoo. (Photo credit: Bodeoo)

Bodeoo.com recently re-launched their site and is working hard to provide their customers with affordable, trendy clothing pieces for their closet. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative while staying in-style at the same time, check out their online clothing store at Bodeoo.com!

Subscribe to their Youtube at BodeooTV for more videos and especially look out for their Tutorial Tuesdays where they post fun fashion and tips videos.

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