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Color Me Nana

Our fashion blogger spotlight goes out to Dylana Suarez of Color Me Nana! Her style, on the surface, is very bohemian and effortless. At a closer glance though you can see she can wear ANYTHING and look incredible! While she gives me a transcendence vibe through her photographs, she can pull off girly, edgy, classic… whatever she desires for the day. Not to mention that her photography is engaging and beautiful to look at for inspiration. I love that she does collages and mood boards, that actually inspire her. I feel as if in her earlier posts she does a lot of these collages, and now after a few years is really doing bigger and bigger things that aren’t just collages, but still mood inspiration!! Every girl can find something in her aethetic! Here are just a few examples of how talented she is:


colormenana ownphoto1 200x300 Color Me Nana


colormenana herphoto3 300x199 Color Me Nana


colormenana ownphoto2 200x300 Color Me Nana


My absolute favorite thing about Color Me Nana – our Fashion Blogger Spotlight, is she looks so comfortable in her own skin. In every photo, she looks like a real person. She’s beautiful, effortless, and most importantly herself. I don’t know her personally, but this is the vibe I get through her photos. I personally cannot take a photo without approving it to go on some kind of social media; 18x. Her pictures seem as if it’s the first snap – one and done and how it comes out is how it’s meant to be. That may not be the case, but it’s such an inspirational offering to fashion. Since we all know fashion has a tendency to be cruel and unforgiving for this boxed parameter of what is beauty and what is not. Bodeoo is much about being bold and being you!!! So bravo Ms. Dylana Suarez of Color Me Nana! We think you are absolutely stunning & amazing!!! Keep it up. Here’s a little bit of what her style is like: (all of these photos are from her blog you can find here)


colormenana dylana 200x300 Color Me Nana colormenana photo 200x300 Color Me Nana colormenana photo2 200x300 Color Me Nana colormenana photo3 200x300 Color Me Nana

Definitely go right now to check out Color Me Nana!


Steph for Bodeoo.com

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