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Makeovers with Sephora

Makeovers with Sephora

20141015 154019 e1416426403690 576x1024 Makeovers with Sephora

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the FREE makeovers that Sephora offers, and my co-worker, Stephanie, and I took a trip down to Sephora to receive our free makeovers. You have several options to choose from: a free 15 minute mini makeover that focuses on one area (eyes, lips, eye brows, ext), a 45 minute makeover with any $50 purchase, or a 90 minute makeover plus shopping session with any purchase of $125 or more. Stephanie and I chose the free 15 minute makeover. Her focus area was her lips, and mine was the everyday eye.

20141015 154234 e1416426449493 576x1024 Makeovers with Sephora

We had a Sephora beauty stylist take us around the store picking out the items we wanted to use. We were asked if there were any items we wanted to try, and I also had her pick out a few items for me as well. Since I was having my eyes done, I picked a blush eye cream, liquid eye liner, and my beauty stylist also picked out an eye primer, mascara, and eye shadows to compliment the eye cream.

20141015 1549211 1024x576 Makeovers with Sephora 20141015 160159 1024x576 Makeovers with Sephora

We then went to sit at the counters in the middle of the store, and she showed me how to make a bold every day eye. First apply eye primer, to keep your make up on all and night long. This is a tip I had forgotten about, and one of the the items I want to buy the most. You are going to have four colors: a matte base color, a white shimmery eye shadow, a dark shimmery color, and then your eye cream. Apply the base eye shadow, a more matte color, to the crease of your eyes. Then on the upper lid apply the white shimmery eye shadow. Add your eye cream on the eye lid, and the dark cream in the corner of the eyes. Blend it all together. Apply your eye liner, making sure it stays close to the eye lid as possible, and then your mascara. This creates your everyday bold eye.

20141015 162840 e1416426554948 898x1024 Makeovers with Sephora

What I loved about my makeover at Sephora besides the fact that it was free, was that it was very teacher friendly. My beauty stylist took me around explaining what color eye creams and shadows would look good on me, what products are best (like liquid vs. gel vs. kohl eye liner), and let me choose which products I wanted to try. When she was transforming my eyes, she explained as she went, and even let me try putting on some of the makeup myself. This is a great service if you want a few pointers, or just want to try something new. I definitely learned new things and will go back for more free mini makeovers. You can only have one free mini makeover at a time, so if you are looking to transform your look completely in one session, I would suggest buying some of the products you really like so you can receive a 45 or 90 minute session.

20141015 155822 1024x576 Makeovers with Sephora 20141015 162633 e1416427278720 996x1024 Makeovers with Sephora

Have you tried any of the makeovers at Sephora? Do you want to? What was your experience like?

xoxo, Kelli, Bodeoo

Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

Fashion Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

15074695299 4f68e9a882 o 2 1024x729 Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

After growing up in Stockholm, Carin took a huge leap of faith, and moved to Paris. Now a writer and amazing photographer, her blog Paris in Four Months, has taken off and become one of the best blogs about fashion, beauty, life, and all things Paris! She has such a great take on life, finding joy in the simplest things, and living out her dreams, which is incredibly inspiring!

15287178292 ed4ec9eaea o 2 1024x768 Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

You can catch her in front of the camera now and then, but mostly, Carin loves to photograph everything! From fashion shows (yes, you should read her posts on PFW) to working with models to brands like Dior and Luis Vuitton, you will experience Paris’ fashion world like never before (and see parts of Paris you may never have seen before).

15388097896 f290c2897c o 1024x729 Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

Some of my favorite posts includes Carin’s “Today’s Details,” a segment focusing on one part of her outfit – shoes, a purse, pajamas, ect. Other topics I love are her “Weekend Readings” about articles, books, and videos she is reading, watching or has written. You will find amazing finds here! All about fashion posts I love includes Paris Fashion Week, Dior World, Unpacking, Oh, Dior!, Sunday Mornings, and Blush Chiffon.

work 1 2 Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

Paris in Four Months is a must read blog, and one of my new favorites! Whether you love fashion, food, travel, sweets, or all things Paris, you will find amazing posts every time! Pull up a cup of coffee and a blanket because you are about to dive into an amazing read! Be sure to watch the videos Carin posts about Paris and check her out on Instagram! Her pictures are amazing!

14599273605 0a67567d8c o 1024x682 Blogger of the Week: Carin of Paris in Four Months

What are your favorite posts from Paris in Four Months? Would you ever leave your life behind to start new?

xoxoxo, Kelli, Bodeoo

Ulta’s Beauty Consultations and Salon

Ulta’s Beauty Consultations and Salon

Ulta, one of my favorite makeup stores, offers more than a fabulous selection of beauty products! If also offers beauty consultations and a full service salon. 

23skin 600 Ultas Beauty Consultations and Salon

Online Beauty Consultations Services Offered

*Every month, Ulta provides information on all of their foundations, blushes, brushes, or other beauty products to help you find the correct shade, color, and brand. 
*Videos with tips about each product and how to use/wear it.
*Hair Care/Salon/Nail Salon information is available online with tips like how to get frizz free hair, voluminous locks, revitalizing your hair, embracing your curls, and the products you should use.
*Get the Know – How are tips and tutorials like 10 minute makeup routines, nail art, and daily conturing and highlighting.
*Live Chats with leading ladies in beauty, fashion, and cosmology. If you missed the chats, you can read the interviews online.

benifit on1 Ultas Beauty Consultations and Salon

The Salon Services Offered

Hair – cut, color, blowout, treatments, extensions, highlights, texture, style

Nails – gel and French Manicure

Skin – facials, microdermabrasion

Face – makeup application, eye lash extensions

Waxing – brow, lip, chin, and eye brow tweezing

For the full menu of services offered at Ulta, click here. 

ulta beauty at carlos miele spring 2013 collection Ultas Beauty Consultations and Salon

If you order online, you will receive FREE samples with every order. 

Would you use Ulta’s Beauty Services? Or have you already?

xoxoxo, Kelli, Bodeoo.com

Nordstrom’s Beauty Spot

Nordstrom’s Beauty Spot

13 nordstrom1 Nordstroms Beauty Spot

Nordstrom doesn’t have an ordinary beauty department! It is purely focused on the customer with a strong desire to teach women (and men) about skin care, makeup, and how to customize your look. Yes they sell top of the line products but it is so much more! 

benifit on1 Nordstroms Beauty Spot

In person, you can receive a full makeover for FREE. This includes cleansing your face, moisturizers, toners, plus full makeup. You can choose from a range of FREE options which includes:

*Fast Track, a 30 minute session, great for adding new products to your skin care or makeup routine or learning new tips.
*Love the Skin You’re In, a 30 minute session, to learn about your skin and how best to take care of it.
*Make an Entrance, a 60 minute session, perfect for big important events in your life.
*Beauty 101, a 60 minute session, to learn about makeup trends and update your every day look.
*Online Consultation, if you can’t come in person, you can chat with a beauty stylist online any time.
*Custom Appointment, if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can book an appointment with a stylist and they will help you find the look you are looking for.


erica domesek ps i made this nordstrom beauty 1 Nordstroms Beauty Spot

Online, you can also find a variety of resources as well:

*Nordstrom’s Beauty Spot Blog, where they post, keeping you up to date on make up trends, new products, interviews, beauty, hair, nails, skin care, videos, and so much more, written by leading ladies in the beauty world.
*Shop the Beauty Stylists Picks
*Foundation and Skincare Guides, full of information on every type of product, which product would work best for you, and then, of course, you can purchase anything.

blog Nordstroms Beauty Spot

A wonderful tip for anyone who is buying (or wanting to buy) makeup online at Nordstrom, you will receive 3 FREE samples with every purchase. 

9612866852 fc8776926d z Nordstroms Beauty Spot

Would you book an appointment with the Beauty Stylists at Nordstrom?

Find out how our blogger Stephanie’s experience at Nordstrom and Sephora went. And stay tuned to see what I learned as well. 

xoxo, Kelli, Bodeoo.com

Makeup Classes

Makeup Classes

My coworker Kelli and I were so excited in comparing the Nordstrom vs. Sephora makeup classes. Now I will say, in reality – there’s no comparison. Nordstrom spent almost 2 full hours with us each; AT NO COST. While Sephora only focused on one area of our face for 15 minutes. With that said however the Nordstrom vs. Sephora makeup classes challenge was successful. For myself, at Nordstrom I wanted to get a natural but bold look, which ended up being a natural dewy face with a strong cat eye. However, once we started talking about lips, I realized I detest colored lipgloss. There is something so cheap looking to me when a color is so reflective. I really prefer lipstick and lipliner. I think this is the strongest way to get the best shape for your lips.

So here’s the low down on the Nordstrom vs. Sephora Makeup classes:


nordstrom beautystylist 167x300 Makeup Classes

nodrstrom products 199x300 Makeup Classes

amorepacific skin 295x300 Makeup Classes

nars skin 284x300 Makeup Classes

cleaningbrushes 259x300 Makeup Classes

Amazing artists, they are a plethora of knowledge! They know what ingredients are in products, and understand the difference between skin care against makeup. What I took away most from my class yesterday was makeup is not your skin care. There is no makeup that will fix the problem! Skin care has to be done through different products. There are amazing products out there that can help you get the look you are trying to achieve, but in reality your skin has to be fixed before the makeup. My artist, Steve, was great at doing a step, and then showing me what he did. He taught me a lot about what I should be doing with makeup and when thinking about makeup for photography. I’ll admit, I’m not really into taking too many pictures of myself, however, I liked that he taught me what I should be keeping in mind when it came to that kind of thing. Steve was such a great makeup stylist that really knew the ins and outs of so many different things. There wasn’t a question I asked that he didn’t know right away. Another thing is Steve turned me on to Nars. Now, he made a great point, there is not ONE brand that is going to have every single item you need, but he totally converted me into a Nars girl. At least when that comes to my face makeup (which I don’t wear a lot of). My absolute favorite product of the day was Nars – pure radiant tinted moisturizer! It was such a light coverage, but made my skin dewy and even! I also really loved that he showed me different products at different price points, showing me the difference between all of them. You can follow this amazing artist on Instagram @muastevo check out his work and book him for events, or go see him at Nordstrom at the Houston Galleria!!!! Book your appointment with a beauty stylist here!

nars moisturizer 158x300 Makeup Classes



This was a very short class. More for if you’re not so much learning as much as, maybe you want to try a product before committing to buying it. Or maybe you want to see a makeup artist show you how to do a quick smoky eye. Things like this.. I chose to do the perfect lip. Only because I didn’t like the color we chose at Nordstrom (my fault completely). The artist walked around the store with me and suggested items as well as seeing what I was into. I liked this aspect, instead of pulling for me, I pulled for myself. For the longest times, maybe because I only wear chap stick usually, I didn’t think I had nice lips. However, she was very complimentary about the shape! She showed me how to outline my lips first and then fill in with the lipstick. Afterwards, I was completely sold on wearing lipstick! She stressed to me how important the lip liner is! This is what really makes the shape of your lip stand out and helps keep the lipstick from “going outside the lines.” So while it wasn’t a long class or extremely focused towards learning how to do something (even though I did learn something new) it was a great quickie. It was so quick, I forgot to take photos (luckily Kelli got a shot for me!). You don’t need an appointment for this kind of thing, feel free to walk in and talk to any makeup artist! However, to look at great products they carry (my favorite is Caudalie!), find them here.


sephora 300x168 Makeup Classes



Nordstrom vs. Sephora Makeup Classes

In the end, I have to say that Nordstrom was hands down the best place to go learn how to do something!!! I think the artists have more knowledge and are not there to sell you things as much as they are there to really help you understand how to use makeup as a tool. With that said, if you aren’t looking to learn how to put on a full face of makeup, Sephora was great for a quick tutorial on a specific area of your face. Sephora is also great if you want to try on a color or product before spending the money and then realizing you don’t love it.

Have you attended a class at Nordstrom or Sephora? Or maybe somewhere else? Where is your favorite place to go to learn a new technique?




Steph for bodeoo.com   



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