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Why You Should Be Using a Coffee Facial

Why You Should Be Using a Coffee Facial

Many people know the benefits of coffee like boosting your cognitive abilities and improving your heart health, but few know the benefits of a coffee facial and scrub.

how to make a coffee facial mask Why You Should Be Using a Coffee Facial

The Benefits of a Coffee Facial and Scrub:

1. Re-energizes yours skin and you helps wake you up
2. Gets rid of puffiness, swelling, dark circles under your eyes, and tiredness in your skin
3. Clears, brightens up, plumps up, and rejuvenates your skin
4. The olive oil and honey moisturizes your skin that lasts for several days to a week
5. The coffee grounds exfoliates your skin
6. Improves circulation
7. Temporarily reduces cellulite, varicose veins, and the size if your skin cells
8. Tightens, tones, and evens out your skin

Coffee scrubs and facials are super easy to make using ingredients from your pantry – olive oil, coffee grounds, and honey. You can also substitute whole milk for olive oil.

9380177 200x300 Why You Should Be Using a Coffee Facial  Why You Should Be Using a Coffee Facial

There are many different variations on the coffee facial and scrub, but right now this is my favorite:

Coffee Facial and Scrub:

1 tsp coffee grounds
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp honey

1. Stir together the coffee grounds, olive oil, and honey in a small/medium mixing bowl.
2. Make sure your make up is removed. Apply to your face and body like any other scrub.
3. Leave on 5-10 minutes. Wash the scrub and facial off.
4. Store in a container in either a refrigerator or at room temperature for up to 2 months.

Notes: Depending on how course you want your scrub to be, you can either grind up your coffee grounds even more or leave them as they are. You can also use fresh or leftover coffee grounds.

The benefits of using a coffee scrub and facial are incredible! Incorporate this into your beauty routine once a week and see how it transforms your skin.





Photo Credits: skincareihub.com, houseofdarling.blogspot.com





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