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My College Story: Homecoming Tailgate

My College Story: Homecoming Tailgate

my college story homecoming tailgate 1024x682 My College Story: Homecoming Tailgate
Raven tells us her college story about her homecoming tailgate.


My College Story: Homecoming Tailgate
The homecoming tailgate my junior year went down as something so crazy and hysterical my friends and me still talk about it to this day. So we were all super excited to tailgate before the game and ate and drank a little before we even got there. When you’re pre-gaming for a pre-game you know it’s about to get real. Well we got there and everyone was passing us all this greasy food and mixed drinks and we weren’t pacing any of this, just blindly having an amazing time. When we finally left for the game I was in this weird state of being half tipsy/half delirious from everything we ate and drank to the point where I was feeling sluggish and very tired.

As we were heading to our seats, I ran to the bathroom but shortly realized upon returning that I had left my phone. I was a little tipsy and getting increasingly tired so I ran back to get it and my phone was not only gone but…I never returned back to our seats.

In the meantime my friends freaked out, formed full blown search parties around the tailgate, the football stadium and even a near by highway to try to find me and no one could get ahold of me because my phone had turned up but with no sighting of me so they really started to worry.

The entire game was over with when I came wandering out of nowhere. One of my friends spotted me and was almost in tears and came running towards me with my phone (someone apparently turned it in). I was so happy someone had found my phone but also very confused and asked why she was so worried when I had only been gone for what I thought was 15 minutes. She informed me I had been gone for almost 3 hours straight. I was in shock and she was confused about my mental time lapse.

Well it turns out after I realized my phone was missing I also couldn’t call to find anyone so I wandered off to one of my friend’s trucks and accidentally dozed off and lost track of time. Needless to say, it’s one of the most memorable tailgates any of us have ever experienced to this day, and the rightfully earned nickname “M.I.A Rae” shortly followed.

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