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My College Story: Roommates

My College Story: Roommates

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Diamond tells her college story

My College Story:

So my freshman year of college I lived in a dorm on campus with a roommate.  Our room was really small and our beds were small too.  My roommate had a really obnoxious boyfriend who practically lived with us and with him there too, it made the room feel even smaller. After dealing with it for the first semester, I finally told her he had to go.  She was understanding and the next semester she adjusted to my request. Instead of him living with us, she went to live with him.  She was literally never in the dorm and when she did return, it was only once a month to retrieve clothes.

With the months passing by, I would kiddingly joke about taking over her bed and joining it with mine, until one day my friend suggested “You might as well take it, she’s never here anyway,” so we did just that.  In a matter of minutes my bed went from a twin to a queen. I loved every bit of having a big bed until one day I heard keys at the door, and she was home. I was so nervous and when she opened the door I yelled “Surprise!!!! You like what I’ve done with the place?”

She stood there in shock for a minute, gathered her things and left. I immediately felt bad afterwards but after all her bed was going to waste so I took advantage of an opportunity. After that incident she never came back until the official move out day and I’m pretty sure she hated my guts.

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