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Colorstrology – We all know a little bit about astrology, like reading our horoscopes in the last pages of Cosmo. I even receive my  three daily horoscopes through email. I also read into tarot readings, moon cycles and all that good stuff, you can say I’m a bit obsessed haha.  I’ve also known about the psychology of color for some time, but did you know that there are certain colors that correspond with your birthdate?! I know, cool right?! The awesome people at Pantone have set up an interactive feature in which you can view your month color and personal birth color. You’ll be able to read more in depth about what your colors signify. You can even send e-cards with any birthdate on it!


colorstrology 260x300 Colorstrology

I am having tons of fun discovering more about the colors that reflect “the real me”.  My birthday is on April 7th. The Pantone color for April is Cayenne, and the three words best associated with it are fiery, energetic, and courageous. The color that connects with the 7th is Skyway. The words that describe that date are spiritual, confident, and aesthetic. For the most part, I agree with them. =]

cayennepantone 237x300 Colorstrology

91pimbrg13l  sl1500  237x300 Colorstrology

ssg sephora cayenne 002 300x264 Colorstrology

skywayshadow 300x300 Colorstrology


According to the website, surrounding yourself with “your colors” will increase your strength, energy, and vitality. Don’t forget that each color is designated to increase certain traits in your personality.

You may have heard or read about Sephora and Pantone collaborating back in 2011. Well, since the successful launch of Tango colored makeup  in 2012, the partnership has launched new beauty products to showcase the current color of the year: emerald. Products range from $18 to $80 in price and include everything from individual lipsticks to complete beauty kits of related color schemes.

See if your birthday colors reflect you at colorstrology.com

Stay fashionable!


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  • Steph June 3, 2013 at 5:19 am

    I work with Pantone all the time and had no Idea colorstrology existed! I’m Excited to see what my colors represent!

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