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Debunking Beauty Myths

Debunking Beauty Myths

If you are like me, you have heard conflicting information on things like when to wash your face, when to moisturize, and what temperature to wash your face with. So we are going to discuss a few common beauty myths today.

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1. Washing Your Face – Should you wash it in the am, pm, or both? And how? Warm water, cold, water, lukewarm water, ect. You should wash your face with lukewarm water. For more see the full post on how to wash your face.

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2. Rinse your face daily with lukewarm water. Even if you only wash your face in the evenings, you still need to rinse your face off in the shower with lukewarm water. Why? Because there are still gunk that needs to come off your face. Simply washing it with warm water will unclog your pores and keep your face moisturized.

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3. When to apply your moisturizer and lotions. Right after you take a shower or bath. Pat your skin dry with a super soft towel. If your trowels are not soft anymore, I would buy new ones. Old towels that have lost their fluffiness can strip your body and face’s elasticity and other essentials in your skin, stretching them, and can cause lines, and wrinkles way before they would normally appear. Then apply your face moisturizer, and body lotion. Even if you are washing your face in the evening, apply any night time products immediately after you wash your face. This allows the active ingredients in the products to be absorbed into your skin. By waiting, your skin doesn’t absorb all the nutrients and active ingredients.

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4. Don’t use fragrances of any kind on your face. This includes, toners, face cleansers, masks, exfoliants, face moisturizers, ect. While it is ok for your body, your face requires more sensitive products. Fragrances, colors/dyes, perfumes, paragons, and harsh soaps can clog, irritate, and cause your skin to break out. If this happens, it can take 3 days for the chemicals to leave your body. Use gentle, fragrance free, natural ingredients on anything that goes on your face. Keep your products with fragrances for your body.

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5. Don’t use vegetable oil or mayonnaise on your face. You may have heard about using them in DIY facials, but it is not recommended at all to use them on your face. They can clog your pores, and strip your face. Use olive oil or honey on your face instead. Keep the vegetable oil and mayonnaise for your DIY body or hair masks.

What other beauty myths do you have questions about? Or have you learned about?

xoxoxo, Bodeoo

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