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DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner!! I know for me, it’s my favorite holiday! We get to dress up and be someone else. It’s so much fun getting dolled up, pretending to be a character. The only problem with costumes is how expensive they are. The last few years I’ve decided not to buy a costume I refuse to wear more than once. Instead, I’ve been doing DIY Halloween costumes! For example, I buy a dress that I love and turn it into a costume. That way, I have bought a piece I’ll wear over and over, instead of spending a lot of money on something I will wear for a few hours. To me, I think DIY Halloween costumes are also much more creative. Anyone can buy a costume and put it on, but it takes imagination to create your own. It’s also extremely fun to have a girls night creating your costumes together. My girlfriends and I usually put on music, drink wine, pull out our inspiration, and all work together. It’s like the pre-party to the actual party, and it’s a blast! Here are a few ways to make your own DIY Halloween costumes with Bodeoo.com picks!!

Royal Goddess-

imroyalty goddess 200x300 DIY Halloween Costumes

Using the “I’m Royalty – 2 piece”

Simply add gold sandals preferably that tie around your ankle (this can be flats or heels)

Gold accessories: arm bands, headpiece crown, collar necklace

Modern Jessica Rabbit-

heartbreakerdress jessicarabbit 122x300 DIY Halloween Costumes

Using the “Heart Breaker dress”

Simply add purple gloves, red wig, and red pumps

Ninja Girl-

villaindress ninja 140x300 DIY Halloween Costumes

Using the “Villain dress”

Simply add a red sash for your waist, small red ties as arm or wrist bands,

black mask (only covering nose and mouth) and knee high or over the knee black boots


All of these DIY Halloween costumes cost much less than one costume you’d buy at the store. Even with your accessories, you can go as cheap as you want invest in something you’ll wear again. For instance, I would probably wear the knee high boots again, so I’d just buy ones I like. However, this is all up to your preference. What’s also so amazing about DIY Halloween costumes are that you can make them as simple or as complex as you like! Have you ever made your own DIY Halloween costume? What were you and how’d you style it together? Check us out and see what other combinations you can find for this upcoming Halloween!!!


xoxo, Steph

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