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EDC Outfits

EDC Outfits

EDC Outfits

EDC Outfits – EDC is a fashion addict’s dream. Actually, all in attendence will think they’re dreaming and have stumbled  down Alice’s rabbit hole. No longer are whimsical fairy wings and bra tops a Victoria’s Secret catwalk exclusive. For one weekend, and one weekend only, everything goes! And so does nearly nothing at all….

This year’s EDC Vegas lineup is sure to shine. Brimming with established and burgeoning talent, there is something for everyone. Unless, of course, you’re no fun at all. Of course we’ll be attending for the music, but the fashion is what we are most excited for. We have had our EDC outfits picked out for weeks, but for all of you EDC virgins, a few words of fashion advice for your EDC outfit:


1) The Louder the Better – EDC is all about sensory overload. Excess is nonexistent. Put on your craziest outfit, and then raid your Halloween costumes for the finishing touch. You will most likely never hear me utter that phrase again, so take advantage while you can! Your outfit should scream to be noticed. Hell, I dont care if you roll in a giant vat of glitter. Just make sure that your outfit is just as loud as the music will be.

edc2012artmusic 12 199x300 EDC Outfits


2) The Less the Better – Once again, another phrase you will probably never hear from me again. EDC, in theory anyways, is all about love; love for other as well as for yourself. Embrace your body, and work it good. The key to a hot bod is a fiery attitude. Be electric.

edc 628 300x207 EDC Outfits

3) Comfy Footwear – Resist the temptation to wear footwear that will give you a height boost. Shoulder perching and crowd surfing are the best ways to get a better view. As previously stated, the most important ingredient for looking good is feeling good, and nothing is a bigger buzz kill than pinched feet. We suggest wearing sneakers or boots to prevent your arches from aching and  your toes from getting trampled.


Rage on, sassy and classy


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  • layla June 3, 2013 at 3:32 am

    thanks!! this is great

  • Sara June 3, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    Thanks for this!! Can’t wait for EDC this year!

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