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Fall for makeup this fall!

Fall for makeup this fall!

Summer is almost over and as we transition into the next season, I say, let’s fall for makeup this fall! Sometimes I catch myself in the morning getting so involved with my clothing choices, I completely forget about styling my face! What better accessory to focus on than what literally distinguishes us from everyone else (unless your an identical twin, but even then there are slight differences)? Here are some great choices of trends we saw during NYFW debuting RTW Fall 2014. Always be yourself, if you don’t feel as if you can rock a specific look – don’t do it, confidence is key. You could literally wear bright blue leather Doc Marten sandals with a brown wool plaid mini skirt if you felt like you could rock it. That to me is what beauty is about too. Sometimes I don’t feel like wearing my eyeliner thick, and when I push myself to do it, I always feel too made up. So let’s be true to ourselves ladies and really trust ourselves in our style, and go out fierce as hell because we listened to what we wanted.

With that said though, let’s also try to push ourselves into new territory. So I don’t confuse you and contradict myself, what I mean by this is, if you are feeling like you can do the dewy face with not much eye makeup one day, but you’ve never tried it before, push yourself and do it! I bet you end up looking like a runway model. For woman everywhere, this is the best time to figure out our faces and love who we are. There’s only so much modern medicine can do to change it, so how about we love ourselves for who we are!!!

metallic eye lip 225x300 Fall for makeup this fall!

What I love about these beauty trends are they are easy, glamorous, & sexy. First let’s start with the sultry look using metallics. There were so many metallics spotted on the runway this year! Great designers see this as sexy and smoldering, but more modern than your average brown or black smokey eye. Really good quality metallic eyeshadows can be found anywhere! I personally DIE for Mac Cosmetics, but Maybellines’ Color Tattoo line is a great affordable option as well. The metallic look is such an easy way to edge up a simple outfit or leather jacket.


 Fall for makeup this fall!color tattoo barely brazen 300x266 Fall for makeup this fall!


Another great trend that I love is liner. Now this comes two different ways. Straight up and bold – black liner that is exaggerated! Maybe if you don’t want to go to thick with it, adding an exaggerated wing tip to really bring attention to your beautiful eyes! The other way that was noticed a lot at fashion week is using bold colored liners. For example, maybe a bright red to line those lashes, or a great sky blue on the waterline to make your eyes pop! Personally, I love liquid liner – it’s easy to use and the pigmentation is absolutely vivid when working with color! However, I don’t recommend liquid line for your water line because IT WILL RUN. My favorite liner or all time is Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil. They literally come in a rainbow of desired colors and they are so easy to use! They are also great for smudging under your waterline for a sexy smoldering look.

PR Group Shot 24 7 Eye Pencils1 1024x791 300x288 Fall for makeup this fall!


The next effortless way to enhance your look are your eyelashes!!! I am all about a full eyelash. While I’m personally too lazy to use falsies, they can really enhance your look so easily!!! Go from drab to fab in about 2 minutes!!! For me though, I really depend on a great mascara. Now I’m not one of those girls that is loyal to any mascara. I personally love to try new products when it comes to my beauty kit, but here are just a few that I have found over the years do WONDERS to emphasis your lashes! What I’ve found works best for me is to curl, use a mascara with a wand, let dry for a minute, & use a mascara with a brush for the final couple of coats. The best advice to give, before you put your lashes on are to curl, curl, curl them!!! Invest in a good eyelash curler because it can make a world of difference (I love mine I got from Sephora)!!! I like to line my waterline too with a pale – white color to make my eyes look bigger than they really are.

sephora collection eyelash curler in aquamarine2 300x300 Fall for makeup this fall! loreal telescopic mascara carbon black en 225x300 Fall for makeup this fall!web betterthansex composite 148x300 Fall for makeup this fall!


The last trend that was all over the catwalks at Fashion Week was a bare face. This also came in two varieties, the completely bare look, as well as the glowing skin look! Both include using a GREAT moisturizer, I use Clinique Gel Moisturizer. Whatever you use, make sure to clean your face, apply evenly, and let your skin have a moment to soak it up before applying any makeup.

Now the minimal look of just YOUR FACE, would be a little bit of concealer under the eyes and in spots and a little bit of powder to set. You simply want to conceal flaws, do not try to go for full coverage. The concealer in my makeup bag is actually a yellow color (yellow hides dark spots and green corrects redness) Palladium stick. However, using a concealer that matches your skin tone is perfect too! I feel I have more dark spots (and under eye circles) than most other things. Then I brush a small, even, amount of powder, just to set everything and perfect the tone of my skin. I personally go for the good stuff when it comes to powder; La Mer. It is almost translucent and never ‘cakey’, I suggest spending the big bucks on it! Also, it allows my skin to breathe and after almost two years I still have my first jar. Maybe pinch your cheeks or add the smallest bit of matte blush to the apples of your cheeks!

clinique dramatically different moisturising gel 300x300 Fall for makeup this fall! lamer powder Fall for makeup this fall! maybelline new york dream matte blush 300x300 Fall for makeup this fall! Palladio Stick Concealer Yellow  222x300 Fall for makeup this fall!

The second bare skin beauty look is my absolute fav. I use these techniques everyday, even if I’m applying more makeup than just my face. Again start with your moisturizer, and allow it to soak in to your skin, this is so important! Repeat all the step for the minimal look, except adding blush. Instead, I use a dark contour powder to define my cheekbones. Then adding a highlighter underneath my eyes, swooping over my actual cheekbones. My favorite highlighter is Nars, in ‘Glow Baby, Glow’. It may be too ‘sparkley’ for some, but I think it makes my skin glow! With my blush brush I add highlighter over my eyes, forehead, bridge of my nose, and chin. Lastly, I’ll add a small amount of blush or bronzer to the apples of my cheeks. It’s so simple! This look make you look au naturel & stunning. Try it sometime and let me know what you think!!!!

 Fall for makeup this fall!contour highlight 6 tools of trades 1 mac bronzing powder 300x253 Fall for makeup this fall! nars highlighter 300x228 Fall for makeup this fall!


I want to hear what makeup you are falling for this fall?! Give me a shout and let me know!!

xo – Bodeoo

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