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Grimes Fashion: In The Mirror

Grimes Fashion: In The Mirror

When Canadian solo mastermind, Grimes isn’t stealing the ears of electro music connoisseurs, she is unintentionally punting fashion intellect with her unique, comfortable, and unpredictable wardrobe. Some may say the 25 year old is channeling a warrior at the center of her own universe. Grimes  has arguably been one of the most forward and independent artists of our time; creating a playground for the restless trendsetters who don’t abide any one trend at a given time and believe in fashion at their own pace. What enchants most is her ability to produce uncut stills that show the eerie skeletal build of her music. Whether in a leotard or a suit of armor, there’s always the same wild child beneath it all who expresses herself freely while her music follows suit.

Grimes fashion practices include platform shoes, vintage flannels, and green or pink bangs but we’ve narrowed down our favorite styles by Grimes in no particular order:

grimes1 239x300 Grimes Fashion: In The Mirror

1.The Boy-Cut Bang – Remember the 90’s when we hailed the bowl cut? Grimes has her own take on the classic cut with a bang that she frequents in videos and photo-ops. Here she’s stroking ‘Fluffy’ with a tulle and silk ensemble against a desert that almost looks similar to the video landscape for “Genesis”.

grimes2 300x300 Grimes Fashion: In The Mirror

2.Bart Simpson Sweater –90’s kid at heart, Grimes rocks a symbolic Simpson sweater here where she crowns it with adenim baseball cap and a smile. I like the fact that she can literally dumb down fashion to a raw form and make it brilliant.

grimes 219x300 Grimes Fashion: In The Mirror

3.Cheshire Suit – Grimes plays with pink in her own way with an outfit that channels a tie between Mad Hatter and 70’s duds. Interesting twist, but Grimes pulls off this outfit effortlessly with her famous bang and flowing pink mane.

Grimes fashion sense is effortlessly one of a kind and she stirs rhetoric questions about why girls and guys can’t be more of themselves in the fashion world and why they feel pressured to trends. What prize is to be won if individuals can’t express their own style with their guard completely down and without thumbing through major fashion magazines and gawking over designer ensembles worn by favorite celebs. Grimes has a minimally purposed style which is a concoction of comfort, whimsy and a little grime.

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