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How Long to Keep Your Makeup – Eye Makeup

How Long to Keep Your Makeup – Eye Makeup

I love makeup and found out the hard way that makeup, lotions, and other beauty products have an expiration date. You can tell if most products expire by a change in color, smell, or if they cause your skin to breakout or become itchy.

How can you remedy this? Get rid of your old makeup, lotions, shampoos, ect., and keep your makeup and your brushes cleaned and stored properly. Your makeup should be stored in a dry place where direct sunlight can’t get to it. So keep your makeup out of your bathroom. Store your brushes in a plastic or glass container standing upright instead of keeping them in your makeup bag all the time. This lets them air out and will keep your brushes in good shape longer. Clean your brushes about every 2 weeks (you can clean them evert day or every couple of days) by using a store bought brush cleaner or use a gentle soap like Johnson’s and Johnson’s mixed with warm water. Swirl the brushes into the water one at a time and let them dry on a towel or standing upright.


8991390 a close up image of a eye shadow set with a professional makeup brush with pink pigment on it 300x200 How Long to Keep Your Makeup   Eye Makeup

Eye Shadow/Eye Cream: 3 months (eye creams can be sooner). To keep your eye shadow clean, wash your hands before applying your makeup and clean your bushes.

specialeyeseyelinerpencil product 300x300 How Long to Keep Your Makeup   Eye Makeup

Eye Liner: 3 months. Pencil lasts longer than liquid or gel eye liner. If you see a white film on the tip of pencil eyeliner and it can’t be sharpened off, then you need new eye liner.

applying mascara How Long to Keep Your Makeup   Eye Makeup

Mascara: 2-3 months. Other signs you need to go mascara shopping are if you smell a gasoline like odor, it becomes clumpy, or you get a site or pink eye.

Stay tuned for more tips on how long you should keep your makeup and other beauty products. 


Photo Credits: www.youplusdallas.com, Rimmel, afsanabeautysalon.com

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