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How to Wash Your Face

How to Wash Your Face

I always thought you just need to wash your face with a cleanser or just a make up remover wipe. But I was wrong. Unlike what I thought growing up, washing your face is a two part process to keep it healthy and clean. We have put together a few of our favorite tips on how to wash your face correctly:

 How to Wash Your Face

HOW: 1. Remove your makeup.
2. Using a face cleanser, wash your face in lukewarm water, and pat dry with a super soft towel. Be sure to leave your face a little damp so when you apply your moisturizer, it helps more of the nutrients and active ingredients absorb in your skin quicker.

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WHEN: *For normal, dry, or sensitive skin – once a day, in the evening.
*For oily skin – both in the morning and the evening.
*After you workout – always (it helps prevents breakouts). Then reapply your makeup.

 How to Wash Your Face

TIPS: *Use lukewarm water only. Extreme cold and hot water can damage your skin, and does not open and close your pores like we once thought.
*Pat your face dry (and your whole body), because rubbing your skin on a towel can damage the elasticity of your skin. So use the softest towel you can get. And use a clean towel on your face every time to prevent bacteria from spreading.
*Don’t use ingredients like fragrances, harsh soaps, parabins, and color dyes on your face because it can cause irritations to your skin. Use as many natural and sensitive products on your face as you can.
*If your skin gets irritated, red, breaks out, or has any other reaction to your face wash after your face is dry, stop using it. And buy a new face cleanser. It takes 3 days for the face cleanser to get out of your system.
*Keep makeup remover in your gym bag and a clean towel so you don’t have to use the towel from the gym while you are working out and then again for washing your face afterwards.
*Some people have had reactions to face cleansers with vitamin C, so test your skin out to make sure you won’t have a reaction to it before using it full time.
*Complete both steps in washing your face (see one of our next posts for why).

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What are your favorite face cleanser products?

Check out our next posts on beauty myths and why you should NOT be using your make up wipes instead of your face cleanser.

xoxoxo, Bodeoo

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