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Layering Necklaces

Layering Necklaces

layered gold necklaces 1901 182x300 Layering Necklaces

The layering necklaces trend is on and hot right now! I’ve seen so many celebrities and fashionistas rocking their jewelry like this. (RINGS AND BRACELETS TOO!) It seems as if no one is wearing just one necklace anymore! Layering necklaces is all about showing off your style and how you can put it all together. I love that!! Even more than that though, it definitely adds to each outfit you wear, and really completes a look. My absolute favorite layering options are:

necklaces for every neckline Layering Necklaces

Chunky on chunky (whether this be a couple statement necklaces together or 2-Chainz! – Get it)

The rule of 3 (3 or more pieces at various lengths!)

Playing off shapes (using shapes of pendents and stacking them up)

Mixing metals or mixing metal tones (gold with silver or silver with gun mental)

Mixing textures (leather with braided cords or metal with cord) 

There is definitely an art to layering necklaces. Like all fashion, it also has to do with confidence. A lot of celebrities are layering necklaces with no shits given. To me, I wonder how tangled they are by the end of the day. Yet that effortless look is what attracts me to this trend. I literally, “woke up like this..” I slept in all 14 chains and I am amazing.

layered necklaces blake lively sjp 300x300 Layering Necklaces

For me, I personally am rocking the lariat on lariat style today. (Lariat = Rosary) My third piece is a raw citrine on a string that sits high near my collarbones. Experiment with this trend and tell us how it goes. Whats your favorite layering style?? How do you make layering necklaces your own??

unisex hummingbird skull layered necklace 198x300 Layering Necklaces

XOXO, Steph for bodeoo.com

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