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Local Artist: Christine Su

Local Artist: Christine Su

Local Artist: Christine Su

Christine Su, 25, is an Austin-based artist with a lovely, melodic voice. I happened to find out that she was traveling all over Europe this summer and she told me that she was going to perform on the streets in every city that she visits. How cool is that?! So I thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask her a few questions and, of course, about her time in Europe!

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  • What is your favorite song at the moment?
  • My favorite song right now is All the Way – Timeflies.  It’s just so uplifting and happy, and I have been living life this way lately.  I tend to like emotional songs though because I feel like emotions are the strongest when you experience pain, sadness, or heartbreak.  That’s when it can get real, and beautiful poetry can result from it.
  • Where do you go for musical inspirations?
  • People.  And of course YouTube covers.  It’s interesting to discover the unique tastes in music of others, and I am influenced by whatever appeals to me.  I love listening to YouTube covers because I love seeing people’s renditions of original songs.  Whenever I make my own music, I try to put my own flavor into it; however, I am still finding my own style and am trying to build on it. 
  • Other than singing, what are your favorite hobbies?
  • I love spending time in nature.  Activities like hiking, canoeing, and just resting in the beauty of nature allows me to appreciate this world and the detail that was put into its creation.  I also enjoy playing sports because I am a competitive person, and I like improving myself physically and staying active.
  • Describe your sense of personal style.
  • I’m still developing my own sense of style.  I used to be very nonchalant about what I wore; however, after graduating college, I have realized it is another avenue of expressing myself. I am not sure exactly how to describe my style, but I have been told that it is edgy and eclectic.  I am still experimenting and trying out different styles.  My default outfit is a pair of high waisted shorts and a crop top because it’s so comfortable and accentuates my curves and small waist.  Occasionally I like dressing girly and classic, but not too often.  Dark, neutral colors are what I’ve been into lately, but now that summer is here, I need to brighten my wardrobe.  Since traveling Europe though, they tend to wear neutral colors and monochrome, so my style has been working out pretty well.
  • Tell us what you have been doing this summer.
  • This summer has been amazing.  It has taught me that life is to be lived, and if I want to do something, I should go for it.  I am in my second week of traveling across Europe with my ukulele and my friends.   I haven’t had the opportunity to travel abroad since 9 years ago, and it was to Taiwan, the only country I’ve been to other than the U.S.  Now, I have been to the United Kingdom, Turkey, France, and Spain.  I have many more countries yet to visit and I am so excited. I didn’t let my financial incapabilities stop me from experiencing the world, and I cultivated my musical talents to achieve this.  By street performing and raising money online from my friends, family, and supporters, am I able to be here now.  I have come to appreciate the encouragement and love of these people, and I am eternally grateful.
  • Do you get stage fright?
  • Yes, definitely. In fact, I am pretty notorious for my stage fright, especially in college.  However, after the experience of street performing in Austin and now in Europe, attending open mics, and recent jam sessions, I’ve found that my fears of being on stage have gradually started to vanish.  I had always had the pressure of performing perfectly, but I’ve come to realize that a flawless performance doesn’t matter. The people are there to hear me perform because they like what they hear, and that realization has given me the confidence to share my talent, in all of its worth. 

Check out some pictures from Christine’s Europe trip!

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