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Media Diet

Media Diet

Media Diet

Media Diet – The first thing I do when I wake up is go through my emails, check my facebook, twitter, blogs, etc… Gone are the days when I didn’t sleep with my phone right next me =/ . Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy social media, reading online, and the fashion gods know I’d die without my phone,  but I also love to get away from it all. I love mental health days, that’s what I call the days when I turn my phone, computer, and televisions off. This gives me the opportunity to focus on other crafts. It is amazing how much the media can influence what we do and how we think. I personally do not like watching the news on T.V. I feel that it instils fear in people. I have even seen how words can be misinterpreted and carry a whole new meaning.

So instead of relying on the internet, tv, and your phone, try something new. Get away from the fear of “missing out”. Go outside and explore your city. Read the post on Staycationing here. Read a new book. Find your local library here. Find a new hobby. Give your brain a break.

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Here is an interesting quote from RuPaul about his take on the media. It can be found in his book “Workin’ It!: RuPaul’s Guide to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Style “

“Be very careful of what you allow to infiltrate your consciousness and subconsciousness. When you watch too much television, you’ll start to feel inferior from all the commercials hard selling the idea that you’re not complete unless you buy their product. It’s the only way they can get you to buy something you don’t need. The ad agencies appeal to your fear of not being wanted or loved. It’s the same with the local news. They get you to stay tuned with a constant stream of fear tactics. I once heard a local news teaser say, “Coming up on the news at five: find out how your carpet could be killing you.” It’s as if our culture is addicted to fear and the flat screen is our drug dealer. Don’t allow that crap into your head! It only supports the idea that the world is out there to get you. The world is not out to get you, but your ego’s appetite for fear is. My advice is to not watch the news at all. Read the news on the internet or in the newspapers (remember them?). That way you can avoid all the fear hysteria the TV news is so keen on inducing.”

☮ Jo

Media Diet

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