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Miracle Oil!

Miracle Oil!

coconut oil 300x168 Miracle Oil!

While researching about great natural remedies I stumbled across a miracle oil. I seriously can’t believe that I’ve gone this far in my life without using this oil. The miracle oil = organic virgin coconut oil. While it may seem like an investment when you are staring at the prices at your local grocery store, think about all the uses you can get for about 30 bucks. There is a reason this has been dubbed a miracle oil. This is amazing. As a woman, it seems as if this is an impossible solution to so many problems. I much rather spend the 30 bucks and try it out for myself than go to a doctor, get a prescription for a drug I know nothing about, and see what happens in long term effects. Granite, if anything is severe enough – definitely use a doc!

So let’s get to the goodies, what does this miracle oil do for us? Well the list is long, and for me to actually list them all would take too much of your time, but this is a great link to find even more uses!!! Also to delve more into some uses, here is where I got some of my list, shows how to use the oil more in depth.Here’s a list of my absolute drop-dead, top-ten favorite uses:

beach oasis 300x187 Miracle Oil!

1. Burns fat! (um, yes please)

2. Treats scalp and helps make hair softer and stronger (hair mask diy)

3. Fights off bacteria, fungus, & yeast (helps speed up recovery/soothe for yeast infections, UTI’s, sooth psoriasis/eczema,etc.)

4. Moisturizing properties (baby lotion, shaving oil, eye cream, personal lube 😉 oookaayyy, hey!)

5. Add equal parts sugar or salt for a diy exfoliator (use on face and even on feet to get rid of nasties!)

6. DIY Toothpaste for whiter teeth (we could all use a little of this, no?)

7. Eye makeup remover (that won’t harm the thin skin around your eyeballs)

8. Miracle brow/hair grower (plucked to many hairs, use this to help get bushy brows back! I KNOW I NEED THIS)

9. Great for in the kitchen (cooking oil – high smoke point, for coffee, substitute of dairy when baking, etc.)

10. Wellness (good fats that can help with depression/anxiety, sore throats when melted in warm tea, etc.)

coconutoilhair 3 300x275 Miracle Oil!

Woowzer! Are you in absolute awe like I am?! I know what I’m doing as soon as I get off work. Getting my ass to a grocery store and picking up this miracle in a jar. I plan on doing a little DIY tonight and testing out this great product… Are you a believer? Have you tried any of these remedies? How well does it work? Comment and let me know what you think!!!!

Life changer.

 XO, Steph for bodeoo.com

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