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OITNB SEASON 2 is back!

OITNB SEASON 2 is back!

OITNB SEASON 2 is back!

Okay, so if you’ve been on planet Netflix for a while, you’ll know about a series called Orange is The New Black (OITNB) and how much time it’s taken up. No worries, we can all agree to be equally obsessed. If you’re a newbie, OITNB is about a woman named Piper who is incarcerated for doing shady things for a shady person. I’m not one to spill beans if you’ve yet to watch something so you’ll have to just clear your schedule and watch it. Those who are about to begin season two will be equally obsessed with OITNB per last season. The great part about this show is that an entire season’s worth of the series is available at the same time which naturally deems binge-OITNBing acceptable in a short period of time. So what makes this series so perfect? For me, it’s interesting to see the different backgrounds and personalities that are world’s apart outside of prison who end up sharing the same holding cell.

Now, for the OITNB obsessed…

An illustrator by the name of Emily Niland released OITNB paper dolls that you and your obsessed besties can share while watching the new season this week. Hey, make it a girls’ night and try Bodeoo’s DIY Face Mask  while you’re at it. Enjoy these great paper dolls and a new brilliant season of OITNB.


red OITNB SEASON 2 is back!






burset OITNB SEASON 2 is back!


alex OITNB SEASON 2 is back!


bodeoo OITNB SEASON 2 is back!


featured photo: bryanetch

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