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Staycation – First off, a staycation is the combination of “stay” and “vacation”. It’s pretty self-explanatory – essentially, your vacation entails you explore your local surroundings and attractions. Staycations have become increasingly popular due to the current state of the economy.

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Just because you won’t be jet-setting or road-tripping , doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice the feeling of going somewhere new. There are plenty of tourist attractions right in our own backyard! I sometimes feel that I take Los Angeles for granted, especially the weather and the fact that you can play in the snow at Bear Mountain and soak up the sun in Huntington Beach all in the same day! Hey my visiting family has a photo with the Walt Disney Concert Hall in DTLA, how come I don’t?! If you’re in the area, check all that Downtown Los Angeles has to offer here.

If you must stay at a local hotel because you just can’t relax at home, check out Hotel Tonight:

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One of my favorite hotel booking applications is HotelTonight . Just like the title suggests, you use the app to book a hotel stay for tonight. Some hotels will let you book a longer stay, the first night having to be tonight of course.  The best part is that the prices are low compared to the hotel’s regular booking price. You can also use promotional codes to redeem for credits.In order for Hotel Tonight to get the best last-minute rates, they won’t guarantee a specific room type or bed until check-in. The room will fit two guests. I have used this app mostly to book last minute room in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has definitely saved me a lot of money. My first booking was only $12 for a one night stay in a luxury room at the Stratosphere.

Booking through the application starts at noon. Book it as soon you know know you where you want to stay, that way you take advantage of the hotel itself. Tan by pool while sipping on your favorite tropical drink. Make it a girls trip and plan manis and pedis at the hotel’s spa.

If you’d like to staycation right in your own home, I’d suggest a media-free or mental health day. Turn your phone, television,  and computer off. Work on your favorite craft or pick up a new one. My favorite part of staycationing is sleeping in! Try some yoga or mediation! Share your staycation ideas with us! Happy staycationing!

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