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Makeovers with Sephora

Makeovers with Sephora

20141015 154019 e1416426403690 576x1024 Makeovers with Sephora

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the FREE makeovers that Sephora offers, and my co-worker, Stephanie, and I took a trip down to Sephora to receive our free makeovers. You have several options to choose from: a free 15 minute mini makeover that focuses on one area (eyes, lips, eye brows, ext), a 45 minute makeover with any $50 purchase, or a 90 minute makeover plus shopping session with any purchase of $125 or more. Stephanie and I chose the free 15 minute makeover. Her focus area was her lips, and mine was the everyday eye.

20141015 154234 e1416426449493 576x1024 Makeovers with Sephora

We had a Sephora beauty stylist take us around the store picking out the items we wanted to use. We were asked if there were any items we wanted to try, and I also had her pick out a few items for me as well. Since I was having my eyes done, I picked a blush eye cream, liquid eye liner, and my beauty stylist also picked out an eye primer, mascara, and eye shadows to compliment the eye cream.

20141015 1549211 1024x576 Makeovers with Sephora 20141015 160159 1024x576 Makeovers with Sephora

We then went to sit at the counters in the middle of the store, and she showed me how to make a bold every day eye. First apply eye primer, to keep your make up on all and night long. This is a tip I had forgotten about, and one of the the items I want to buy the most. You are going to have four colors: a matte base color, a white shimmery eye shadow, a dark shimmery color, and then your eye cream. Apply the base eye shadow, a more matte color, to the crease of your eyes. Then on the upper lid apply the white shimmery eye shadow. Add your eye cream on the eye lid, and the dark cream in the corner of the eyes. Blend it all together. Apply your eye liner, making sure it stays close to the eye lid as possible, and then your mascara. This creates your everyday bold eye.

20141015 162840 e1416426554948 898x1024 Makeovers with Sephora

What I loved about my makeover at Sephora besides the fact that it was free, was that it was very teacher friendly. My beauty stylist took me around explaining what color eye creams and shadows would look good on me, what products are best (like liquid vs. gel vs. kohl eye liner), and let me choose which products I wanted to try. When she was transforming my eyes, she explained as she went, and even let me try putting on some of the makeup myself. This is a great service if you want a few pointers, or just want to try something new. I definitely learned new things and will go back for more free mini makeovers. You can only have one free mini makeover at a time, so if you are looking to transform your look completely in one session, I would suggest buying some of the products you really like so you can receive a 45 or 90 minute session.

20141015 155822 1024x576 Makeovers with Sephora 20141015 162633 e1416427278720 996x1024 Makeovers with Sephora

Have you tried any of the makeovers at Sephora? Do you want to? What was your experience like?

xoxo, Kelli, Bodeoo

Nordstrom’s Beauty Spot

Nordstrom’s Beauty Spot

13 nordstrom1 Nordstroms Beauty Spot

Nordstrom doesn’t have an ordinary beauty department! It is purely focused on the customer with a strong desire to teach women (and men) about skin care, makeup, and how to customize your look. Yes they sell top of the line products but it is so much more! 

benifit on1 Nordstroms Beauty Spot

In person, you can receive a full makeover for FREE. This includes cleansing your face, moisturizers, toners, plus full makeup. You can choose from a range of FREE options which includes:

*Fast Track, a 30 minute session, great for adding new products to your skin care or makeup routine or learning new tips.
*Love the Skin You’re In, a 30 minute session, to learn about your skin and how best to take care of it.
*Make an Entrance, a 60 minute session, perfect for big important events in your life.
*Beauty 101, a 60 minute session, to learn about makeup trends and update your every day look.
*Online Consultation, if you can’t come in person, you can chat with a beauty stylist online any time.
*Custom Appointment, if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can book an appointment with a stylist and they will help you find the look you are looking for.


erica domesek ps i made this nordstrom beauty 1 Nordstroms Beauty Spot

Online, you can also find a variety of resources as well:

*Nordstrom’s Beauty Spot Blog, where they post, keeping you up to date on make up trends, new products, interviews, beauty, hair, nails, skin care, videos, and so much more, written by leading ladies in the beauty world.
*Shop the Beauty Stylists Picks
*Foundation and Skincare Guides, full of information on every type of product, which product would work best for you, and then, of course, you can purchase anything.

blog Nordstroms Beauty Spot

A wonderful tip for anyone who is buying (or wanting to buy) makeup online at Nordstrom, you will receive 3 FREE samples with every purchase. 

9612866852 fc8776926d z Nordstroms Beauty Spot

Would you book an appointment with the Beauty Stylists at Nordstrom?

Find out how our blogger Stephanie’s experience at Nordstrom and Sephora went. And stay tuned to see what I learned as well. 

xoxo, Kelli, Bodeoo.com

Beauty Consultations and Classes at Sephora

Beauty Consultations and Classes at Sephora

  Beauty Consultations and Classes at Sephora

Sephora is one of the leading beauty stores in America right now. They not only sell some of the top of the line makeup, brushes, and other beauty products, but they also offer special services as well.

 Beauty Consultations and Classes at Sephora

For anyone who spends $50 or more, you can receive a FREE custom makeover that lasts 45 minutes! If you can’t spend that much time, you can pop in for a FREE 15 minute makeover. Get glammed up and learn how to create a smoky eye, polished brows, perfect lips, eyeliner, blush and bronzers, and so much more. You can walk in or make an appointment.

 Beauty Consultations and Classes at Sephora

You can also attend Spehora’s classes. If you are a Beauty Insider, the classes are for FREE. Spend $350 in a calendar year to become a Beauty Insider. There are classes open to anyone that you can attend if you are not a Beauty Insider. Here you learn about beauty and skin care as well as try the new trends, and can come home with free products. Classes fill up fast, so be sure to sign up soon.

 Beauty Consultations and Classes at Sephora

The next available class is Become a Golden Goddess with Givency on Saturday, October 18th, 2014. Learn how to use Givenchy’s Extravaganza Eye & Lip Palette, Noir Conture liner and mascara to create a new look you can wear every day or dress it up. These makeup products are some of the most sought after products right now. You can also receive a couture-inspired pouch when you attend this class. If you can’t attend a class, you can still learn new beauty tips on Sephora’s website.

s1625300 main hero 300 Beauty Consultations and Classes at Sephora

What: Beauty Consultations/Makeovers
Where: Sephora, Galleria Mall, Houston, TX (or check online for an available store near you)
When: Walk – In OR by Appointment
Cost: 15 min – Free; 45 min – Free with $50 purchase
To Book an Appointment: Click here

What: Become a Golden Goddess with Givenchy
Where: Sephora, Galleria Mall, Houston, TX (or check for an available store near you)
When: Saturday, October 18, 2014, 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Cost: Free for Beauty Insiders
To sign up: Click Here

Would you go to Sephora’s classes or have a makeover? If you have, what was your experience like?

xoxox, Bodeoo

What’s In My Makeup Bag?

What’s In My Makeup Bag?

Take a peak inside my makeup bag! This is my favorite stash of makeup at the moment. 

20140917 1533401 1024x576 Whats In My Makeup Bag?

20140917 153341 e1410987833854 1024x312 Whats In My Makeup Bag?

20140917 153340 e1410987636445 1024x512 Whats In My Makeup Bag?

20140917 1533411 e1410987985718 1024x473 Whats In My Makeup Bag?

For my every day look, I wear the Almay CC Cream, Smart Shade Powder, Almay Wake Up Blush, Almay Intense I-Color Eye Liner for Hazel Eyes, Maybeline Baby Lips with L.A. Colors and O.P.I on my nails.

When I am wanting to get all dressed up, I add the Almay Intense I-Color for Blue Eyes, Mary Kay Eye Cream in Beach Blonde, Covergirl Bombshell Curvaceous Mascara, and Victoria Secret Shiny Kiss in Strawberry Fizz.

I love Victoria Secret’s fragrances! And keep two 4 oz. bottles with me – Victoria Secret Bombshell and Victoria Secret Victoria. 

Almay CC Cream \\ Almay Smart Shade Powder \\ Almay Wake Up Blush \\ Almay Intense I-Color for Blue Eyes \\ Almay Intense I-Color Eye Liner for Hazel Eyes \\ Mary Kay Eye Cream in Beach Blonde \\ Covergirl Bombshell Curvaceous Mascara \\ Maybeline Baby Lips in Pink Punch \\ Victoria Secret Shiny Kiss in Strawberry Fizz \\ L.A. Colors Nail Polish \\ O.P.I . Nail Polish \\ Victoria Secret Bombshell Fragrance \\ Victoria Secret Victoria Fragrance

What is in your makeup bag?

xoxoxo, Bodeoo 

DIY Makeup Remover

DIY Makeup Remover

Last week we posted about why you shouldn’t use your makeup wipes every day. So I was left with the question…if you don’t use your makeup wipes daily, how should you remove your makeup to keep your skin healthy? Being the Pinterest lover that I am, I instantly found several quick and easy recipes to make your own DIY makeup remover/eye makeup remover, makeup remover wipes, and sponges/cloths (to use instead of a wash cloth). They all use the same 2 or 3 ingredients: olive oil, water, and Johnson’s & Johnson’s tear free baby shampoo. Making your own makeup remover not only is easy, cheap, and so much more healthier than most of the over the counter products you find in the store (if you are looking for over the counter products, there will be a post on that later). You don’t have all of the preservatives, fragrances, and famaldihyde that you find in most make up remover products. If you really want to use products you find in the kitchen, you can opt out of using the Johnson’s & Johnson’s tear free shampoo. 

tumblr n431xyuvdb1qed1eao1 500 300x136 DIY Makeup Remover


1 cup filtered water
1/8 tsp olive oil (coconut, baby, or almond oil also works)
1 1/2 tsp Johnson’s & Johnson’s tear free baby shampoo

Stir ingredients together in a small bowl. Pour into a container.

*NOTE: You can use travel size lotion bottles, or old soap dispenser. Make sure it is a pump or tube bottle.

main 300x251 DIY Makeup Remover 7f1d6773b1471811491bc0a9c489a09f 225x300 DIY Makeup Remover


1 cup filtered water
1/8 tsp olive oil (coconut, baby, or almond oil also works)
1 1/2 tsp Johnson’s & Johnson’s tear free baby shampoo

1 roll of Bounty hand towels
1 container with a lid (baby wipes container, tupperware, ect.)
scissors or a knife

1. Make your DIY Makeup remover solution
2. Measure the size of your hand towels to fit the container. You can use the extra for your next batch of wipes. Use scissors or a knife to cut it to fit.
3. Place the hand towels in the container.
4. Pour the solution in the container too.
5. Let sit for about 5 minutes.
6. Pull out the paper towel holder. Place the top on. If it doesn’t have an opening (like a baby wipes container does) use a knife to cut a slit in the shape of an X into the top.

 eye makeup remover pads 3 300x225 DIY Makeup Removerdiy makeup remover pads 4 2 300x200 DIY Makeup Remover


2 -4 inch squares of cloth – terry cloth, knit cotton, microfiber, fleece, ect.
4 inch squares of stuffing
needle and thread

1. Cut 4 inch squares of the cloth of your choice. Remember you need 2 squares for 1 pads.
2. Pin the outer edges around the squares. Turn inside out.
3. Sew the ends together. Leave about an inch or 2 open so you can stuff the pads. Turn right side out.
4. Add stuffing.
5. Sew the rest of the pad.

NOTE: You can use any cloth you like, or use any shape. To wash, throw them in a bag or use them on the hand wash cycle. If you do not have any old pieces of cloth, Michaels and Hobby Lobby both have bargain bins where you can find good cloth for cheap.

7f1d6773b1471811491bc0a9c489a09f 225x300 DIY Makeup Remover

I am going to try these DIY recipes at home and will let you know how it goes. Would you make your own makeup remover? If you have or are planning to, how did it go?

xoxoxo, Bodeoo

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