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Should You Use Makeup Remover Wipes Daily?

Should You Use Makeup Remover Wipes Daily?

I have to say I love my makeup wipes! And haven’t always stuck to the rule of removing my makeup and then washing my face with a cleanser. Most nights I usually just use my makeup remover wipes. But after doing some digging I have completely changed my mind about how and when I use makeup remover wipes. You many too after you read what I found out.

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Should you use only makeup remover wipes?



You need to remove your make up before you wash your face because some cleansers might not be able to remove foundations, BB/CC creams, ect. And then wash your face with a cleanser because using only makeup wipes does not remove all of the dirt and grime needed before you go to sleep. In fact, it can also leave the chemicals in the wipes on your face causing you to possibly break out or have an allergic reaction.

What chemicals can be left behind on your face?

Preservatives like a mild form of fermalidyhe, surfactants, and alcohol just to name a few. Eek!

stock footage upset woman placing her hands on her head against a white background Should You Use Makeup Remover Wipes Daily?

So what should you do?

Things happen and you can’t always wash your face properly. So please use makeup remover wipes when you absolutely need to and after a workout. Just be sure to wash your fro not use wipes around sensitive areas like your eyes and mouth, and you wash your face right afterwards. You want to wash off those chemicals and grime before it absorbs into your skin. If you ever notice your face becoming dry afterwards, use a moisturizer. Now it’s time to invest in a good liquid makeup remover.

What kind of liquid makeup remover?

We will posting about that soon. Stay tuned.

What surprised you the most? Are you still going to use your makeup remover wipes?

xoxox, Bodeoo

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