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Valentine’s Day Looks 3 Different Ways

Valentine’s Day Looks 3 Different Ways

2014 snuck up on us but were we really ready for all love in the air this February? Are you the kind of girl that hoards lipstick colors and powders in her oversized purse but still can’t decide on what to bring with you this February 14th? There are plenty of those who are not only looking for new shades and hues but also trying to get organized with the perfect outfit – single or not. Here are ideas for Valentine’s Day Looks in 3 Different Ways

The Date

screen shot 2014 02 04 at 3 11 25 pm 127x300 Valentines Day Looks 3 Different Ways

One lip shade that stays with me throughout the day is my Viva Glam I by Mac Cosmetics. This deep matte rouge is ultimately the best for adding a little dash of sultry to any look. I have an absolute admiration for matte lipsticks and dark colors so this one fits the bill. Try this with a Valentines Day date and your favorite little black dress or the ever-flattering Heart-Breaker dress – You’re sure to do some woo-ing with this Valentine’s Day Look.

The Flirt

screen shot 2014 02 04 at 3 10 42 pm 300x253 Valentines Day Looks 3 Different Ways

Have you ever wanted to impress that certain somebody but didn’t have the courage to subtly spice up your look? Sneak a soft powder pink satin lipstick on and slip into the Star Crush Skater Skirt. In this skirt you aren’t screaming take me on a date but you’re playfully hinting you’re available and your kind of crushing..

Single Lady

screen shot 2014 02 04 at 3 11 06 pm 162x300 Valentines Day Looks 3 Different Ways

If you’re riding solo this Valentines Day there’s no sense in being left behind. Be yourself and drama free with a cute peach lip gloss, and saddle up with the Over it All Pink Romper. You and your girls can enjoy the thrills of single-dom comfortably and in the most stylish of dress whilst not appearing to be the grumpy girl who hates Valentines Day – nonsense if you ask me.

We’ve approached the season of hearts, candy, love, and although we all have unique personal opinions about Valentines Day we can’t fight that it will be a day for beautiful, sweet, and sexy looks. What will you be digging for on Valentine’s Day? Will it be a rich ruby red or will you tone things down with a soft plush pink? Try a new look this season with or without having that special somebody!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

image source: www.bodeoo.com

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