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How to Wear Vintage

How to Wear Vintage

Here at Bodeoo we are a little bit obsessed with vintage. Especially with our now and then looks. However, if you are not used to wearing it, it can be hard to dive into it! So, here is how to wear vintage! Fashion is a circle. Meaning, trends and styles do come back around eventually. Of course, always a little more modern, duh, but nonetheless, it will come back. You’d be so surprised how many woman actually rock vintage without anyone knowing!!! Once you learn how to wear and rock it, you can seriously revive it to look new! Now these aren’t necessarily rules, but if they were, rules are meant to be broken. If you want to rock something, don’t let anyone stop you. You always have to do you! Here’s what I think are some good guidelines on how to wear vintage, based on my favorite article about wearing vintage, here.


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Don’t wear vintage from head to toe! – You don’t have to be a character from Mad Men to look cute. Unless you are a Rock-a-Billy girl, stay away from this look. It can come off a little costume-y and comical. However, if this is your style, go big, do it right (know your era), and rock the shit out of it.

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Dress up a statement piece. – The vintage we get here at the store is usually pretty dramatic, so when we style, we love to style these grand pieces with our favorite denim short, or body-con dress.


Make your vintage piece modern! – This goes hand and hand with the previous do. Wearing modern articles of clothing with a vintage piece will help keep your look up to date. Another great thing is, have your great bargain find tailored! Tailoring to fit your body is an easy trick to update a piece you love! Layering plays a part in this. Wear that colorful coat with cut out dress, or your favorite fitted sweater with the funky printed button down; let the printed collar peek out!

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Wear vintage for all kind of occasions. – For example, wear it to work or to the party this weekend. Vintage provides more fabulous options than we can afford in the designer stores today! So creating a modern look with your vintage finds are going to allow you to wear them often and for a lot of different things!!

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Separate vintage suit pieces for different looks! – Wear the pants with boyfriend shirt and a collar necklace, and pair the suit jacket with your favorite denim and oversized button down underneath! Pair with a platform heel to really complete your look.

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Vintage accessories! – This is something to keep in mind. Bags and jewelry that are considered vintage are completely rad. They are going to be different, and if you buy something in good condition, you know that it’s stood the test of 30+ years! Layering necklaces and jewelry is in (remember our previous post?) and vintage jewelry layered, is unstoppable. I pinky promise you will constantly be getting asked where and what it is that you are wearing!

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Get fun pieces that are back in style! – Like I mentioned earlier, fashion is a circle. There is bound to be a silhouette that’s in now that you can find at your local thrift store. For example, the midi skirt or kimono are huge right now!!! Both so beautiful, feminine, and easy to pair with most tops, these are silhouettes that also use to be big back in the day!!! If you go in having an idea of things you want to look for, they are more likely to stand out to you through the racks!

Hope that helps you gals out!!! Check out our vintage here!!! Send us photos on how to wear vintage!!!! We want to see your looks and how you rock it!

Old but gold,

xoxo, Steph for bodeoo.com 

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