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Work Out Pretty

Work Out Pretty

Work Out Pretty

We all have those moments where we need to squeeze a workout in but don’t have enough energy to merely change into a sports bra or tie up your tennis shoes. Don’t fret, there are ways where you can actually work out pretty with little exerted energy. No sweat, no funky odor, no problem. Here are a list of ways, per video tutorial by Raven & Jen, that you can Work Out Pretty between a morning commute, before clubbing, or just whenever your busy schedule permits it.

1. Lazy Abs

screen shot 2014 06 07 at 11 50 28 pm Work Out Pretty

  • tighten your abs for about 10 seconds, release, repeat!

2. Handbag Curl

screen shot 2014 06 07 at 11 52 38 pm Work Out Pretty


  • Take your heaviest handbag and begin curling as if you would with a weight in the gym. Switch arms and repeat.

3. Calf Liftscreen shot 2014 06 07 at 11 57 10 pm Work Out Pretty


  • stand on the balls of your feet at the same time for about 2 seconds and slowly lower. repeat. This works your calf muscles and let’s be honest, every lady loves killer calves in a hot pair of stilettos.

4. Shopping Shoulders

screen shot 2014 06 08 at 12 02 16 am Work Out Pretty


  • If you’re out shopping and ever think “wow, these bags are getting heavy — what a work out”. Well now you can relieve yourself of false beliefs that shopping isn’t a real work out because it is. Hold a few bags per hand and begin lifting your shoulders up then slowly lowering them repeatedly. You’ll be tank top ready in no time with this Work Out Pretty routine.

5. The Real Life Stairmasterscreen shot 2014 06 08 at 12 07 26 am Work Out Pretty


  • this workout involves rigorous and treacherous stair climbing. We kid- it’s merely walking up a flight of stairs and walking down. Get your butt in shape. Walk while in high heels at your own risk.

Work Out Pretty with these light workouts that work in and around your own personal schedule. Enjoy!



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